# Commands

Here you will find all possible commands that can be used in the plugin.
<> = Required, [] = Optional

# /gunshell

Description: All commands related to the Gunshell plugin. Subcommands:

Subcommand Permission Description
info gunshell.commands.gunshell.info Shows information about the plugin.
reloadconfig gunshell.commands.gunshell.reloadconfig Reload the plugins configuration files.
getweapon [player] gunshell.commands.gunshell.getweapon Get a weapon from the config.
getammo [player] gunshell.commands.gunshell.getammo Get ammo from the config files.
getthrowable [player] gunshell.commands.gunshell.getthrowable Get a throwable from the config.
getmelee [player] gunshell.commands.gunshell.getmelee Get a melee weapon from the config.